This website started life in 2006 as a community noticeboard, with business listings, small ads, and so on. the ‘e’ at the beginning of the name was included as a kind of branding that could be extended to other communities, e-mossside for example, but whilst this particular venture was not pursued any further, the e-shootershill name lives on.

In June 2009 the site completely changed direction, and was relaunched as a hyperlocal. It now exists as a collection of shooters hill related news and memorabilia; hopefully it provides some amusement and assistance to people who either live in or are fond of this area. The author changed in October 2011, but the new blogger continues the objective of providing a repository of Shooters Hill related news and stories.

There are two Flickr sites containing images used in or associated with posts on the site: eshootershill and e-shootershill.

The site is on twitter as @eshootershill

There is also now an Instagram site https://www.instagram.com/hillyshooters/

If you have a story suggestion or would like to get in touch please write to: hilly@e-shootershill.co.uk

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