Afrikan Boy – What Took You So Long

Afrikan Boy is a young, up and coming, Woolwich musician. He first came to prominence a couple of years ago when he produced the hilarious “Lidl” about his short lived career as a shop lifter and getting barred from Asda. Since then, he has collaborated with M.I.A, and handled various topics to do with Nigeria such as Visas, Lagos, wearing Traditional clothes, and the music of Femi Kuti. More recently he has produced a whole series of songs about his life as a student and graduate, which constitute his newly released mixtape, most of which can be heard using the player below. He still makes lots of witty observations, although these now mingle in with additional moments of vexation.

In the Woodland Chamber

Today was the day of the Shrewsbury Park Summer Festival and Dog Show during the day, plus an evening of Storytelling and live chamber music. Two years ago the day also included an archeological/historical study of the 1920’s Open Air School, which continues to be investigated by Plumcroft School.

Well, here’s the opening number from Plumstead String Quartet’s evening performance, which was possibly a Haydn piece, complete with the sound of children playing, making it very much a ‘live’ live music experience.

Plumstead String Quartet Shrewsbury Park 20110702

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Plumstead String Quartet

The MC closed with a friendly request to people to let their councillors know if they had valued the activities of the day, in order to try and preserve civic arts at a time when events like this (such as the Plumstead Make Merry) are being removed from the public calendar.