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There are lots of masts on the hill, almost 20 in fact, i must say the mobile reception has got a lot better…


Here’s a copy of the SHAM petition in text:

Residents Petition Against the Shooters Hill Masts

Please complete this petition; it will be collected by a SHAM (Shooters Hill Against Masts) member. It is important you complete your name and address to ensure the validity of the petition.

l/we the undersigned hereby support SHAM’s aims as outlined below in regard to the phone masts in the Shooters Hill area and in particular the powerful TETRA mast on Eaglesfield Road:

1. That Greenwich Council ensure masts ad [original typo] all existing mobile/TETRA/and other operators immediately remove their equipment from the Shooters Hill area and relocate them away from peoples homes in the area;

2. That Greenwich Council seek the immediate removal of the recently installed TETRA technology on the mast at Eaglesfield Road;

3. That OFCOM seek the immediate removal of various equipment on the masts which does not confirm to agreed licences and safety guidelines;

4. That the London Fire Brigade remove their mast on Eaglesfield Road and relocate it on one their own operational sites; and

5. That Greenwich Council refuse further planning applications from communications companies where these affect heavily populated communities.




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Your Health:

Have you, your family or your pets experienced poor health that you think may be caused by or exacerbated by the radiation from the phone masts? If so, please give details below.

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