Recently links have been added to the site for two restaurants on shooters hill, one for Ruchita Bengali Cuisine (31 Shooters Hill London SE18 3RL. Tel 020 8319 2233), just down from the red lion pub and chummys shellfish van, and one for City View Restaurant (Red Lion Lane, London, SE18 4LD. Tel 020 8319 9790).

Ruchita, which was previously known as Dhanshirry, and still has the same menu and plates, was awarded a food hygiene certificate in June 2009, and has its own tandoor oven, and so offers good naan, chicken, and lamb dishes.

City View, which is part of the catering school in the Shooters Hill Post 16 campus on Red Lion Lane, also holds a current food hygiene award (which surprisingly few eateries in greenwich achieved), and offers an ever changing and very fancy menu for relatively low prices – the only down side of going there is the walk of shame past all the smoking youngsters by the front gates, plus they only take cash, or at least that was the case when I visited a year ago.

The Red Lion and Bull pubs also got their food hygiene certificates, and only one of eleven eateries on Herbert Road did not get their award, Herbert Best Kebabs, and that was in mid January 2009, so hopefully things have improved there.

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  1. We have tried Ruchita. The first time, the food was so great but the second time it wasn’t. However, my neighbour regularly gets food from here and apparently they know his tastes well now so he gets good food.
    I want to try the Star of Spice which is on Herbert Road. Have you been there?

    1. i mainly like ruchita for the tandoori although apparently it’s possible to make one in the garden, a bit like jamie’s pizza oven… ruchita is a funny old place though, but i’m glad it’s there.

      the star and spice, hmm, i think i went a long time ago, and it was huge inside, i can’t remember much else though, but they did pass their food hygiene inspection (which is more than seemingly most of greenwich!), so go for it i say!

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