The Very Green Grocer

I am pleased to share the details of a new service in the local area, here is a message from Mike, the very green grocer now personally selling a range of goods on Shooters Hill, including locally sourced produce. His approach offers a more flexible alternative to the vegetable box schemes as it gives more choice to the buyer. He also sells an additional range of organic products, and can offer advice on cooking with the ingredients he sells:

I am Mike and I have lived on Shooters Hill for over 30 years.
I am starting a Fruit, Vegetable and Organic Grocery delivery called The Very Green Grocer on Thursday 16th December. This is exclusively for those who live on Shooters Hill.

I will be selling locally produced vegetables, fruit and produce from farms in Kent and also Organic and fair-trade produce and groceries.

I am offering a service where the customer can shop on the vehicle and choose exactly the products and quantities they want.

  • No Minimum order.
  • No Delivery Charge.

I have personally delivered over 1000 leaflets to households on Shooters Hill and I take this opportunity to apologise to those who do not like this type of advertising. Unfortunately I could not think of a better way to promote the business to all those households.

I have been in catering for over 36 years and will be able to advise people on how best to use the produce they buy from me.

It is called the Very Green Grocer as I intend to run the business in the most environmentally friendly way I can.

Further details on me and The Very Green Grocer can be found on my website

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