Crossrail is back!

I’m not really posting at the moment… not that there isn’t much to talk about: the lilypond restoration, the shifty bit of the woods, shooters hill against the mast (that’s going well), the aperture woolwich photographic society exhibition at the QE hospital, the speed guns, the price increase at the cafe (about 10p), minister gove approved the shooters hill free school, (although it looks like they won’t be able to open when they wanted to), the planned mixed-mode playground behind christchurch school, all the new activities at the farm… anyway, i’ve been tweeting a bit, but i hope to return to writing more from april. i might also decide to move the whole site to too, which is a bit of a loss, but it would be possible to have comments again (with automagical spam removal).

Anyway, since good news can be hard to find these days, I just had to say something about crossrail – it was revealed today that the woolwich crossrail project is alive again, which is brilliant news for woolwich itself, and also for oxleas woods: the better the public transport infrastructure round here is, the less likely it is that a motorway will be built over the farm/woods. So, well done woolwich! The hold-ups have been going on for a while, at one point it was because berkeley homes, who agreed to pay for the ‘station box’ on the agreement their social housing commitments at the royal arsenal could be scaled down, and also on the condition that greenwich council paid for the inside. Since then berkeley seem to have kept their promises, but then there were various quibbles over land buying (?) that threatened the entire scheme (?!) Anyway, I believe that around 2019 (?) woolwich may be able to seriously say that it’s back on the way to enjoying some of its former glories. (Sorry no time for fact checking)…

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