Shooter's Hill – The Dub – Keith Hudson

This dub is named in reference to Shooter’s Hill in Jamaica, which is where Keith Hudson, this track’s producer, was from. It’s a quirky one, with guitar strumming on the downbeat, an uncharacteristic fuzzbox and the use of a tremelo – quite experimental in fact. In some ways it works quite well as an anthem to the selondon version of Shooters Hill, especially at the moment, as its slow moving tension perfectly captures the rather frustrated tone of current shooters hill tweets, written by a lot of people letting off steam whilst they sit in 40-minute traffic jams caused by the emergency gas works. Anyway, even if this story is rather tenously linked to the hill, at least it isn’t yet another post about the farm. The track is taken from an album entitled `entering the dragon’, and on this strength I rather hastily assumed that the cover photo was a picture of the artist performing a flying kung-fu kick; on closer inspection however it became clear that he was instead kicking back on a sofa – oh well, at least it’s got a star of david to liven things up in the righteous warrior department.

Whilst looking this up, I also noticed that the famous pickapeppa sauce, which can be found in all good sauce shops, is also from the very same Shooter’s Hill, so not only have our twin-hill over the Atlantic got their own dub, but also their own famous sweet and spicy sauce too. What have we given to the world given to the world in return… Boy George and Fanny Craddock I suppose.

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