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During the Olympics Woolwich will be playing host to the shooters. At one point there were calls to stage their events at the Bisley rifle range, which would have benefited the future of gun games in this country by upgrading their facilities, although it does seem appropriate to shoot stuff at the spiritual home of this country’s big guns: the Royal Artillery. Plus the competitors can all stay on Shooters Hill and feel at home.[1. Note that the name Shooters Hill more likely follows from the old English `Shaw Tor’ meaning Woody Hill…]

Apparently, work has recently started on the venues, without so much as a by-your-leave from anyone in the local area, although apparently there has been a `consultation’ (an increasingly spine chilling term). I wonder how many people actually went.

Some hoardings are now up on Woolwich Common, surrounding the site of the shootings to be, and here’s a look at the cheesegrater style architecture that’s going to be built on the common, and then taken away. No news what’s going to be left behind once they’ve gone, although I hope the Olympic people leave the common in the same shape they found it (i.e. pretty much as nature intended, bar the odd lawnmower and circus camel).


The view of the paralympic archery venue, looking westwards along haha road.

Thanks to @grantblowers for sending me the news release, and 853blog who wrote about this earlier today, also pointing out that ha-ha road and circular way will be out-of-service during the games, meaning that bus routes to the hospital will presumably be redirected via Charlton way – again this is the kind of thing that a more transparent (i.e. known about) consultation process could bring to people’s attention so they don’t find out in Summer 2012. More can be read about what’s happening in the first issue of Engage, the Olympic news release for our area.

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  1. One bit of very good news in your post “then taken away” Yippee as I wouldn’t want those buildings to be there permanently.
    I thought that Woolwich Common was actually army land and that the Horseguards lot were going to exercise their horses there when they move into the Barracks. Did I just make that up in my head?

    1. Yes, I heard that the cavalry are moving in to the garrison too, it’s quite exciting. i’ve seen the current inhabitants practicing their bugle technique, and although they were hilariously out-of-tune, i’m looking forward to seeing the new inhabitants.

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