Experiment IV

Having recently been enjoying the video of local singer Kate Bush’s Deeper Understanding[1. Courtesy of arthur pewty, a rather wonderful weekly Erith blog], it felt quite serendipitous to stumble across a recent forum discussion regarding the filming location of her music video for the song Experiment IV, from 1986.

The film was recorded at the Royal Herbert Hospital before it was partitioned and turned into flats. At around 2 minutes into the video there is a clear view of one of the old wards (with Kate Bush flying around as some kind of Banshee), and there are a couple of scenes filmed in the corridors.

Kate Bush herself grew up in East Wickham I believe, and is currently returning to the spotlight to publicise some new material – she’s going to be on Radio 4’s front row show tomorrow, although I suspect that her childhood home will not be one of the subjects of discussion, as she’s famously reluctant to give confessional press coverage.

Experiment IV, including scenes filmed at the old Royal Herbert Hospital.

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