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It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then a web search leading to the site, or a grumble on twitter indicates that all is not entirely well on the Green Chain Walk through the local area at present, specifically on the section that runs through Woodlands Farm. This may be a temporary difficulty, and it’s not entirely clear at what times the route is being affected.

green chain gates

If by any chance you are planning on walking the Green Chain, please note that a 15 minute diversion is available if necessary. During farm hours, it may be possible to confirm in advance if the path is clear: 0208 319 8900.

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  1. No, it’s not a temporary situation. I think it’s outrageous that Woodlands Farm can get away with closing off a significant section of the Green Chain Walk for a considerable period.

  2. I always found it odd that the gate at Garland Road/Woodcutters was closed except on rare occassions – shame as what would be a good walk to the farm ended up being a drive there. Hope they open the section of the GCW again soon.

  3. Please note that the paths on the WFT are NOT public footpaths, and are merely permissive footpaths. you have the local yobbos / dog owners to thank for this closure- livestock were frequently attacked) as well as land regularly defaced (fires etc)

    Restricting access to the farm was a last resort and you can still walk through the farm using the green chain walk- if you want to do this then please contact the farm and we will make arrangments for you to do so. Please understand this is an absolute last resort as a result of events, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. I have been a volunteer for the farm for a number of years, and am a keen walker so can see exactly where you are coming from. As the ad says contact the farm on that number.

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