Hedgerow Liqueurs and Wild Wines at Woodlands Farm

Harumph, just when you thought you were winding down, Woodlands Farm ask for a mention…oh well, can’t really refuse them of all people…plus, I recently noticed they had some fine looking blackthorn bushes brimming with sumptuous looking sloe berries, which reminds me to get foraging myself. Sloe berries can also be found in Oxleas Woods and Shrewsbury Park, and now is probably as good a time as any to collect some, although some people wait until after the first frost, which sweetens their taste a little.

Hedgerow Liqueurs and Wild Wines

Saturday 8 October 2011
£10 (£6 for Woodlands Farm Trust members)
Over-18s only
Pick your own fruit to make exciting hooch for Christmas using wild damsons and sloes.
Bring your own gin or spirit of choice, together with a container of at least 1 litre capacity with a wide neck (larger than 2.5cm).
Please dress appropriately for outdoor activities.

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