Greenwich Free School Open Evening at Shrewsbury House

The Greenwich Free School will be holding an open evening at Shrewsbury House on Thursday evening (2nd February) from 7 to 9. If it’s anything like the last one on 19th January it will be well attended. As they say on their web site:

All are welcome – parents and children – and there is no need to book: just turn up on the night.

At the open evenings, there will be an opportunity to meet our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Governors – as well as hear about the educational plan for the Greenwich Free School and find out more about the process of opening in September.

You will also be able to pick up paper application forms and get help filling out the forms, should you wish.

The Greenwich Free School is a secondary school, headed by Lee Faith, which opens in September 2012. Their press release summarises their approach to education:

The school will have smaller classes; a ‘no excuses’ approach to attitude, work and discipline for staff and pupils alike; an extended day; a ‘depth over breadth’ focus on core subjects – English, Maths and Science; and a wide-range of compulsory daily extra curricular activities.

Interestingly, like the Shooters Hill Schools of Arts and the South London Free School, one of their proposed locations is Adair House (the other option is Polytechnic Street in Woolwich). Will  Adair House finally provide a home to a free school?

Adair House - Possible Home for the Greenwich Free School?
Adair House - Possible Home for the Greenwich Free School?

Postscript: Greenwich Free School confirmed on 25th February that they have secured Adair House as their permanent site.

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