Farm Attacked Again

Woodlands Farm Front Gate

Woodlands Farm was hit by vandals for the second time last Tuesday night, following the arson attack on the chicken coop just a couple of weeks ago. This time they were burgled, vandalised, sprayed with graffiti and animals were attacked – one hen was killed. Personal possessions were stolen or scattered around.

The pathetic people who carried out the attack killed a  white hen which had been ill and quarantined away from the others while she was cared for by the farm’s volunteers. They  also injured Bella the saddleback pig  on her left shoulder, possibly with the fire extinguisher that was found in her pen, separated two recently born piglets from their mother, Cynthia the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig, and threw a pitch fork at the Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

Since the attack farm volunteers have been busy fixing broken windows, scrubbing and repainting to remove graffiti and comforting traumatised animals.

The farm will need to find about £2000 to replace the burnt out chicken coop, and now will also need to pay for repairs and improved security. They would welcome donations. They will be holding their annual Summer Show on Sunday July 1st to help raise funds to run the farm.

Cynthia and her piglets reunited
Reunited – Cynthia and her piglets
The burn-out remains of the chicken coop
The burnt-out remains of the chicken coop

2 Replies to “Farm Attacked Again”

  1. Utterly sickening. Woodlands Farm is a gem of a place for London.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if these scumbags come back. I hope the Shooters Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team are on the case.

    Do be careful.

    1. So they did come back, last night, but were spotted and the police caught one but three got away – I guess that was what the MPS Helicopter ? @MPSinthesky tweet about the golf course was last night.
      The pigs were let out last night, and there’s more graffiti and damage for the volunteers to deal with, but I haven’t heard of any animals being seriously hurt.

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