More Vandalism at Woodlands Farm

Woodlands Farm Front Gate
Woodlands Farm Front Gate

There has been more vandalism at Woodlands Farm. Just a few weeks after the last incident when a fence was broken down and a volunteer threatened, the fence has been broken again and a mini-motorbike ridden around one of the fields where sheep are often kept. Maggie from the farm sent me details of what happened:

Following the incident on 30 December, when the metal fence at the far end of the farm was broken into twice on one day, yesterday the bolts were cropped once again and metal staves removed. This time, however, we discovered it after two people were heard with a motorbike riding round the top of Hillview Field late in the afternoon.

When they realised they had been spotted they made a quick exit, the motorbike rider got through the hole in the fence first. The second youth was challenged as he hurried to the gap. He denied making the break in the fence and said that as the fields were part of the Green Chain Walk they could ride a motorcycle there. He then threatened the elderly volunteer with violence and the farm with further vandalism.

Fence was repaired before end of day and police informed.

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