Woodlands Farm 2014 Barn Dances

Woodlands Farm Barn dance poster

Woodlands Farm Barn Dances are always great fun, and tickets usually sell out quickly. No skill or experience in barn dancing is required, and little is demonstrated at the dance: the steps and sequences are all called out by the band, the excellent Skinner’s Rats.  Maureen from the farm e-mailed the details:

Woodlands Farm is organising two Barn Dances this year, on Saturday 24 May and Saturday 5 July, 7.30-ll.00pm. Live country music by Skinners Rats. Please bring your own food, drinks and glasses. Tickets £12 each. To book either event call the Farm Office on 020 8319 8900.

Unlike previous dances food won’t be provided, so you’ll need to bring your own drinks and snacks. The volunteers at the farm will be working hard to transform the barn, pictured below, into a dance hall before everyone arrives.

Gingham, denim and stetsons are not compulsory.

The barn where the barn dance will be held, as it is now
The Barn

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