Beekeeping Talk at Severndroog Castle

Severndroog Castle
Severndroog Castle

There’s a chance to learn more about bee-keeping this Thursday, 26th May, when Severndroog Castle hold an illustrated talk on the subject presented by John Large of the Oxleas Wood Apiary. Stephen sent me details:

7:00PM THURSDAY 26MAY 2016
£3.50 per visitor includes access to the viewing platform
Jars of Honey are the on supermarket shelves, local honey can be found on sale at markets or by the side of the road. Honey comes from the bees we see flitting from flower to flower but does every type of bee make honey?
How does honey differ from place to place?
Is honey made throughout the year?
How is it collected?
Now is the chance to discover the answers to these questions and many more.
John Large, the Oxleas Wood Apiary apiarist, will be at Severndroog Castle to introduce the art and mystery of beekeeping, together with some of the known facts and science of A. Mellifera. He will venture into some of the remaining mysteries about the anatomy of the individual bee and social behaviour of the bee colony, including the gaps in our knowledge and the enigmatic and sometimes perplexing traits of bee behaviour that persist  for several thousands of years since man first endeavoured to domesticate these fascinating creatures.
Weather and seasonal development permitting, John Large will bring along an observation hive stocked with bees, so that the wonderful world of the honeybee can be witnessed at first-hand. The fully illustrated presentation will include a question and answer session and, perhaps, close with a sweetener to those participating.
Tickets will be available on the door but if you wish to book in advance click on the link below. Please note when booking via Eventbrite there will be a booking fee.–tickets-24844043202

Sounds fascinating, and with the added bonus of a twilight view from the top of the castle!


The hives of Oxleas Apiary
The hives of Oxleas Apiary

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