Shooters Hill on Ice

bramble ice cream
bramble ice cream

-- Ingredients
blackberries - 1 Pound
double or whipping cream - 1 Pint
sugar - ¼ to ½ Pound

whizz and sieve the berries
mix the juice & sugar
whisk the cream into soft falling peaks
fold ingredients together
spoon into a carton
half freeze (about 3 hours)
whisk again, add a few whole berries, and wait...

Bramble time is here again! I’ve tried various recipes over the years: crumbles, pies, juice, jelly and jam, but when I was on my holidays this year I came across some blackberry ice cream which was so nice I decided to try making some myself, luckily it was easy, the trickiest part being the waiting around.

2 Replies to “Shooters Hill on Ice”

    1. it was very nice, i made it twice, once with double cream, and once with whipping cream, i think i preferred the double cream version though, although that might have just been the enjoyment of making something for the first time.

      the sloe gin was a bit of a disaster last year as it clouded up, still better than the nail polish remover they sell in the shops though, when it’s done right it makes the perfect winter warmer.

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