March for the Alternative

As well as being the day of the mad hatters tea party and comedy on the common, which sound all pleasant and fun, today is also the day where the many alternatives to the TINA line are being voiced.

The Shooters Hill area has been affected by the cuts, with people losing work, terms of work, quality of work, trade, pension arrangements, salaries and so on, and services are being run down in what is currently the front line in the cuts: local authority provision.

Shooters Hill is a Labour ward, in a Labour council, in a Labour parliamentary constituency: all together, this spells bad news under the new regime…

Anyway, having rambled on fairly tiredly about politics, I hope that tomorrow does something to alleviate the suffering that is being caused, and that although the greater good is being phased out, the NHS can still be protected from a future where patients are traded as commodities.

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