SHAM update

It’s been quite a while since the campaign against the fire brigade mast on Eaglesfield Road has been mentioned on here, but they’ve been very busy petitioning the locals, and attending planning meetings.

Since the start of their campaign, the group have already achieved something of a victory in their ongoing efforts to get the mast moved to the woods. They somehow discovered that Orange (who share the mast with the firefighters) had set their mobile widgets higher up than they had been permitted to (apparently this makes a difference). Orange’s mistake apparently invalidated previous planning permission, which has subsequently led to them having to reapply – and so far they have been refused; hence the appeal.

According to the online planning website, the previous planning permission sought by Orange in 2002 was also refused, but apparently they won on appeal – so presumably Orange are hoping to pull of a similar feat this time round. Despite this, popular opposition to the proposal has now been mobilised by the SHAM group, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next month as the appeal proceeds, and any opposing comments are submitted.

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