Rain or Shine – Eaglesfield Park Summer Festival

For Queen and Country
For Queen and Country - one of Stu Mayhew's images of the Jubilee Beacon in Eaglesfield Park

The Eaglesfield Park Summer Festival will go ahead on Friday whatever the weather, an e-mail from the Friends has told me, and they have hired marquees for shelter and children’s workshops. The weather forecast is for “Light Rain Showers” through the afternoon, according to the BBC web site, so the Friends are wise to prepare for possible wet weather.

During the Summer Festival the Mayor will officially commemorate the opening of the newly restored wildlife pond. It will also include: a carnival and drumming procession with the children of Plumcroft and Christ Church primary schools; live music; Zumba dancing; children’s workshops; pond dipping; and other entertainment led by TARU Arts. The festival  runs from 2.00-6.00pm.

Then on Saturday Eaglesfield Park hosts the Neighbourhood Watch  2012 Annual Community Fete  from 1 to 4pm. The forecast for Saturday looks quite good at the moment, with a sunny afternoon predicted, fingers crossed.

There will be opportunities at the Eaglesfield events to find out more about the Friends of Eaglesfield Park, and get involved in activities from bulb planting to bat watching.

The Lilly Pond June 2012
The Lilly Pond June 2012



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