Hay harvesters urgently needed at Woodlands Farm

British White Cows at Woodlands Farm
British White Cows at Woodlands Farm

Woodlands Farm desperately need help tomorrow to get their hay harvest in while the sunny weather lasts. Dr Barry Gray e-mailed me this afternoon saying:

We desperately need members of the local community to help us to get our hay harvest in before the weather breaks. The hay is now cut and dried, and we expect to start baling from midday on Saturday, (tomorrow). We need to shift about 4000 bales of hay from the fields into the barns. You will need to be in reasonable health with no allergies to hay! If you can spare a few hours, your help will be most appreciated. Please either ring the Farm on 0208 319 8900, or come direct to the farmyard at 331 Shooters Hill from 11am tomorrow. Please bring garden gloves if you can although we do have a supply of gloves at the farm. We also have face masks.
Please try to help out and make this a true community event. Even if you are confined to making tea, all abilities needed!
Barry Gray
Chair, Woodlands Farm Trust)

So if you can spare an hour or two head down to the farm.

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