Maya and Natalie's Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals

Maya and Natalie's Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals leaflet

We heard a little of local actor Natalie Penn‘s excellent singing voice in Front Room Theatre‘s last production at Shrewsbury House, “Lie Back and Think of America”. Now there’s an opportunity to hear more of her singing in  their latest production, “Maya and Natalie’s Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals” which is on at Shrewsbury House on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st March. Front Room Theatre’s web site gives more details:

Front Room Theatre presents ‘Maya and Natalie’s Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals’ at Shrewsbury House on Thurs 20th and Fri 21st March at 8pm til 9 with refreshments available. Featuring the Woolwich Singers, and produced by the team behind ‘Lie Back and Think of America’, this new show interweaves musical numbers into stories from the lives of performers Maya Levy and Natalie Penn. Accompanied by world class musician Joseph Finlay, the show promises to be a wonderful evening’s entertainment. Tickets are £8 full price and £6.50 concession, with a group deal of 4 for £25. For tickets, call 020 7207 0296 or 07786 980 781 or email For online bookings please visit (online booking fee applies, no fee for phone or email bookings)

Best to book soon if you want to see Maya and Natalie’s musical – there aren’t many tickets left on, though as Natalie comments below more are available direct from her.

Maya and Natalie's Marvellous Mishmash of Musicals leaflet reverse

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  1. Hello. Many thanks for adding this to the website! Just to let you know, there are more tickets available from me directly. I have only put a small number up online from Ticket Source as I think I will sell quite a few directly. People can call me on 07786 980 781 or email: to book tickets from me directly. Thanks, Natalie

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